Funny Signs

Funny Signs are Everywhere!

One of the reasons signs are so funny is that they are written by people … and people are funny! A year or two ago I decided to start taking pictures of signs that I find humorous. It is surprising to me that not everyone finds these signs as funny as I do. For that reason I feel compelled to explain why these are funny to me. I understand that if you have to explain why something is funny, it may not be funny! You be the judge.

Funny Sign: Keep Door Closed

Keep Door ClosedContext: Sign on the door of an ice-maker located in the faculty lounge right next door to my office.

So … how am I supposed to get ice?

Funny Sign: Don’t Open Boxes

Don't OpenContext: I’d rather not say where this sign was posted. But I don’t think context is necessary to appreciate it.

When I first took a picture of this sign I was proudly displaying to my family members. My daughter who was 10 years old at the time responded: “Doesn’t that mean ‘don’t open boxes’?” Yes … yes it does.

Of course the “PLEASE” that precedes the bold and underlined “DO NOT” is delightful as well.

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